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AQUABUETM color lens and contact lenses that forms a Hydrogel in Pure Water. They Offer you the comfortamble , Freedom and Healthy you want.


Pyramid Health Protect

All AQUABUE color lens and contact lenses come with Pyramid Health Protect - Moisture , Oxygen and UV protection - To keep your eyes looks Natural and Healthy everyday.

Coating Layer

Applying to "plusieurs method" which can help not to contact the color on the eyes. After coating for color at first (food Grades material) which FDA certificated approved, put these between the lens layers. It makes more comfortable and safter lens on your Eyes. As remove the uneven sector according color makes smooth tear rotate and protect the cornea.


Hydrogel is a non-wetting , steril water gel which 98% pure water. Hydrogels are cross linked polymers that have hydrophilic groups. One common polymer used to make hydrogels is sodium polyarcrylate. HYDROGELS are highly absorbent compounds hydrogels an be artificial or naturally occurring polymers.


AQUABUETM Blu-ish Monthly

Health Inside Sexy Outside

AQUABUE contact lenses and color lens WHAT CAN DO FOR YOU? All AQUABUE contact lenses are the perfect solutions for people with vision problem who do not wish to have surgery and do not like the feel or appearance of eyeglasses.

The cost of colored contacts can be significantly more than for regular contacts but for many wearers the ability to change their eye color is WELL WORTH IT.

AQUABUE contact lenses, will not change your appearance unless you choose color contact lenses or specialty contact to give your eyes A NEW COLOR or A DIFFERENT LOOK.

AQUABUETM Hydrog Monthly

Health Inside Clear Outside

AQUABUE Contact lens, now comes in overcoming some people unable to wear contacts due to their particular susceptibility to eye infections or extra sensitive eyes.


Health Inside Clear Outside

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The Great advantage , they do not need any special care products , because they are discarded after one day thus, they are perfect for occasional contact lens wearers.





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